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Information & Prices

For full service prices and options, please refer to our online booking system for your local clinic location. 

As guidance, our pricing structure is as follows: 

Lead therapist assessment - £44 

Regular therapist assessment - £40

Sports Massage & Follow-Up Appointments:

45 minutes - £40

30 minute - £32

Sports Therapy

Helps with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport specific fitness, regardless ​of age and ability.

Sports Massage

Massage is the manipulating of superficial and deep muscle and connective tissue using various techniques to help enhance function, relieve muscle tension, reduce postural defect and aid in the healing process.

Online Consultations

We assess your injury, pain or dysfunction in detail over video calling software (Zoom or FaceTime). We will discuss factors that maybe involved in causing the problem and guide you through physical movements to help us identify if there are problems present. We will then be able to:

  • Provide a diagnosis and explain the likely mechanisms that have caused the problem
  • Provide a prognosis detailing how we can help you treat the problem
  • Provide a rehabilitation programme that we can support you with every step of the way. We can do this with guidance through home based exercise programmes or discuss follow ups at our clinics and rehabilitation centres.
  • Online consultations are also available to book if you are not able to visit us in person

Student Prices

Students in full time education.

All students must show a valid student card.

Student prices are only applicable weekdays between 10am-4pm and Saturday Mornings. 

Pre-payments may have to be made in order to secure your appointment.

Cancellation Notice Period

We have a 24 hour cancellation period in place which means a cancellation or modification to your booking within 24 hours of your scheduled time is subject to a full charge of the session price, unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with the practitioner. 

Private healthcare and insurance cover

If you have private healthcare or insurance that covers our therapy, please inform us before booking so we can authorise your treatment.