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About Us

SJ Sports Therapy provides a variety of services to help you get back to full physical fitness, whether that’s being back to elite competition, park running or simply commuting to work! 

We have been described as very friendly and very thorough and we aim to maintain that ethic with every client at every opportunity. 

Why Choose Us?

Practicing for over 8 years with a growing team, we've had the ability to work with a vast array of clients and put a firm footprint in the local area for injury rehabilitation and quality sports massage. 

We are a results based driven company and cater to many peoples levels and situations. The key to that is our thorough assessments which help us develop a bespoke treatment strategy going forward. From there we make many of our programmes up from recent research templates and implement it at a level to attain the best possible results. 

We invite any customers to call us FREE of charge if they have any doubts that our treatment will be right for them before proceeding. 

We follow a holistic approach to treatment. 

We listen to you to understand what it is you need. We're not afraid to involve manual therapy to relieve you of your symptoms or assist with our progressions. We will always offer what we think is best for you. 

Don't just take our word for it...

Our Team

Steve Jarman

Founder / Lead Therapist

BSc Sport & Exercise Therapist 

[email protected]

Steve is the founder and lead therapist of SJ Sports Therapy. Available between York, Leeds & Harrogate. 

He is typically seen for musculoskeletal injuries, sport specific as well as general pathologies. He also specialises in running biomechanics and the management of running injuries. 

Since graduating in 2014, Steve established skills and relationships across the industry that has led to delivering a successful evidence based and performance management institution.  

Along with work at the clinic, he has been involved in teaching amongst level 5 & 6 University students within the industry which has offered a refreshing insight to the thinking and make up of modern Sports Therapy. 

Andrei Scheule 

MSc Sport & Exercise Therapist 

BSc Sports Science 

[email protected]

Andrei completed an MSc with Distinction in Sport and Exercise Therapy and a BSc Honours First Class in Sports Science. 

He has been working in the fitness and health industry since 2016. This includes work in professional football as well as private practice. 

He is specialised in sport related injuries and has been helping athletes as well as individuals from the general population through nutrition support, strength and conditioning and injury rehabilitation programmes. 

He can also be booked for generic sports or deep tissue massage.